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GAD Project: Project Methodology and Progress

Given the task ahead, the long duration of the project (with an expected duration of four years), and the size of the consortium (15 companies and 14 research organizations), it becomes necessary a working methodology that allows a consistent distribution of tasks, while allowing for sufficient interactivity for achieving interoperable solutions. Thus arose the following work packages:

Work Packages P.T. 1 P.T. 2 P.T. 3 P.T. 4 P.T. 5 P.T. 6 P.T. 7

For further information on the work packages, click on them in the picture above.

All tasks, although distinct, are nonetheless interrelated, given that claim to cover all the issues raised, working from the layer with greater uncertainty, such as customer satisfaction, to the more physical, as would be the technology to develop and the architectures settings.

influence on the end user
GAD architecture levels of implementation

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